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Jablunkov region and foothills of Beskydy

Survey of the route

Total length of the route: 38,5 km

Point of departure: Border crossing Bukovec - Jasnowice

Tourist services and destinations in villages on the route

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Komorní Lhotka
Kamenité - rest. U Kohutky

Guide of stage A1: Jablunkov region and foothills of Beskydy

From the frontiers with the Polish republic the route passes through Jablunkov furrow, valley depression, separating Silesian and Moravian-Silesian Beskydy between Jablunkov pass and Třinec.

The first village of the Czech republic after crossing the Polish borders in Jasnowice after turn the considerable camber is Bukovec, a village famous for its typical timbered architecture from the second half of the 18th century, so-called kurloks - buildings without chimneys. Round the stream Olecky is located natural reserve area - peat meadow with occurance of rare herbs.

We go through village Písek, a romantic valley of river Olše to Jablunkov, in which edge part called America we find swimming pool with helter-skelter , further restaurant and bowling. We pass amphitheatre, in which annually big folklore festivals take place - in May Jacks to children and at the turn of July and August highland festivals Gorolski Świeto .
Jablunkov is reminded already in 1447 and in 1532 it received town rights. The centre of the town is regular square with fountain and Marian sculpture in the style of folk Baroque from 1655. Next to the square there is Renaissance church of God's Body from 1671 with 41 m high tower, in the 19th century rebuilt into Neogothic style. In the direction to Dolní Lomná there is sanatorium for treating tuberculosis, in its area is located arboretum with rare woody plants and statues of artists V. Makovský and J. Tříska with the area of 22 ha, serving to the pacients of the institute. Jablunkov offers numerous accommodation and restaurant services, including small shops, banks, exchange offices - informations are to be obtained in the Information centre with nonstop information system.

Direct from the corner of the square we set out by narrow alleyway with curve from the town and through part Bělá we come to the edge of small agricultural village Bocanovice. Over it a peak Kozubová (981 m) is situated with tourist challet and chapel of St. Anna, its lookout tower is opened to the public during the fairs. Name of the village Bocanovice obviously comes from here resideing storks - in local dialect "bocan". Out of this place the whole route is lead round the border of Protected landscape region Beskydy .

We continue through holiday villages Milíkov and Košařiska and enter a five-kilometer stretch lead through forest path with minimal traffic and sporadic housing. Through edge part Třinec Karpentná we get to Oldřichovice, village situated at the foot of a mountain on the river Tyra. Here is situated lower station of chair lift to Javorový. Javorový is spreading massiv (1031 m) with tourist challet, downhill courses and television relay station. Here is situated a crossroad of tourist routes. The peak is a favourite place of paraglidists.

We continue through local part Třinec - Guty, here on the crossroad we should continue to the left to village Řeka, if we however don't want to pass a beautiful wooden church of the God's Body in Guty from 1642, that belongs to the most important and surviving objects of folk architecture of Těšín region, we make a four-kilometer roundabout route and set out to the right. After the sightseeing tour we set out back and head for Řeka, valley village with a great amount of holiday objects, two swimming pools and sandstone quarry. We go down to village Smilovice and approach to Komorní Lhotka. Originally a seat of voivods of Těšín principality, later small spa, nowadays serving to recreation. We find here background for accommodation and refreshments, for relaxation we can use small herb spa or sauna. In local quarries of godul sandstones also training climbing rocks.

From Komorní Lhotka we get closer to the destination of stage A1, we go throught the edge of Dobratice, behind pub Harenda we turn to the left onto the red tourist sigh, that would lead us further to Prašivá, peak (843 m) with wooden small church of St. Antonín Poduánský and tourist challet. We however pass the area of Kamenitá - it belongs already to village Vyšní Lhoty - where cultural actions, especially dance parties take place and from this place it is only a few metres to restaurant U Kohutky. In addition to a good kitchen the exhibition of regional artists take place here. Here is finish of stage A1.

Map of stage A1: Jablunkov region and foothills of Beskydy


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